Ford is planning to close its entire North American headquarters in Chicago in the next six months.

The announcement comes a week after Ford said it will close its U.S. assembly plant in Huntington Beach, California, in 2019.

Ford’s Huntington Beach plant will be the last U.K. assembly site for the company’s popular Fiesta, Fiesta ST and Fiesta STS vehicles.

Ford will also close a plant in Mexico, where it plans to make the F-Series sedan, in 2021.

Ford says it will lay off an unspecified number of employees at its Huntington Beach and Mexico plants.

It said in a statement that “Ford will focus on its North American operations, including manufacturing and engineering, which will result in a net loss of approximately 9,200 jobs.”

Ford said it plans a “massive investment in research and development” for the F50 crossover and Fusion, a new hybrid vehicle that will go on sale later this year.

The company will also “build and deliver new and smaller Ford vehicles to U., European and other markets,” according to the statement.

Ford is expected to close another assembly plant, the Detroit Diesel plant in Ontario, Canada, by the end of 2019.

Ford said the closure of the Huntington Beach factory will save the company $3.4 billion over the next five years.

Ford also said it would invest $2 billion in a new manufacturing facility at the Detroit Riverfront in Detroit.