When BMW announced its ‘selfies’ vehicle in India, many questioned how it could be affordable enough to compete with Google.

But the automaker says it will be a big hit and will set a new benchmark for the automotive industry. 

Bimmer will offer the car for around £10 000 ($15 000) in a new edition of its i3 and i8 model lines, which will be released by March next year. 

The new BMW i3, which is equipped with an electric motor, a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, an electric drive, and electric brakes, will be available in India from April 2020, while the i8, with an even more powerful petrol engine, will come to the country from April 2021. 

“Selfies’ will be more affordable than Google’s Pixel car because the BMW i is equipped for a smaller car, whereas Google has a larger vehicle that can reach its destination quicker,” BMW’s managing director of India and Asia, Raghu Sharma, said in a statement. 

For the first time, BMW will offer a new model in India that is not only smaller, but also more affordable.

“We have introduced a small SUV in India and now we want to offer a small luxury SUV in the same model line, too,” Sharma said. 

But the automaking company has not announced a price yet for the new i3 or i8. 

There will be three versions of the new BMW car in India: the standard car with a 2-litres petrol engine and a petrol drivetrain, and the ‘Luxe Edition’ with a 3-liters petrol engine with electric brakes. 

India is a growing market for BMW.

In India, the company has about 200 dealerships, and sales of the i3 have surpassed $2 billion.

The company also operates dealerships in China, China, Brazil, and Vietnam. 

In April 2020 the company will roll out its first mass-market vehicle in the US, the BMW X3 SUV. 

Other new models in the BMW lineup include the i5 SUV, the i7 SUV, and a range of new vehicles, including the i6 SUV.

The automaker will launch its ‘i3-Plus’ SUV in 2019. 

What to expect in 2019: The next model for BMW in India will be called the BMW M2, a new family car. 

According to BMW, the M2 will be equipped with electric powertrains and will be priced at Rs. 26,000 ($36,000). 

In 2019, the automakers plans to introduce a new luxury SUV, called the M3, with a range between 50 to 60 km.

The new SUV will also be available with electric drivetrains, but it will not be available on the market until 2021. 

 The company is also planning to launch a new sports car, the all-electric BMW 3 Series, in 2019, with prices ranging from Rs. 33,500 ($55,000) to Rs. 40,000.