In December, the government approved a $6.5-billion stimulus package for the auto industry, bringing in $12 billion in federal funds.

The $7.6-billion package, approved by the NDP and Liberals, provides a small portion of the $12-billion, and is expected to provide more than half of the overall stimulus.

However, the Liberals have said the stimulus package is not enough to create jobs, citing other measures.

The Liberals have called on the NDP to support the stimulus plan as part of the government’s plan to bring the unemployment rate down to 4.5 per cent by 2021.

The NDP has also said the $7-billion boost will not cover all of the costs of the auto bailout, with some costs to be covered through other programs.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says the auto deal does not add up.

He says the government should have put forward a plan to deal with unemployment, not just the $5.7-billon package.

“If they can’t get unemployment down to 5.5, why not deal with the other costs of this auto bailout package?”

Singh said.

The Liberal government has also indicated that the auto rescue program is just part of its plan to get unemployment to the lower end of the projection range.

The government also says it will spend $15 billion over four years to promote manufacturing and the construction sector.

The New Democrats have also said they want to build 1,000 new factories in Canada, while the Liberals say that the plan will cost $200 million.

The deal between the NDP government and the Liberals has already been criticized for not addressing labour market issues.

The Progressive Conservatives said the auto company that will get the largest amount of the bailout money will be the same company that got $2.8-billion in the stimulus.

The Conservatives also called on Justin Trudeau to use his majority in the House of Commons to stop the auto companies bailout.