Chrysler announced on Wednesday that it would spend $7.5 million to expand its Pacifica brand, which has been a success story in the United States.

Chrysler Pacificas sales have grown faster than those of any other brand, with the Pacifica S trim topping 1.1 million units in its first quarter.

Chrysler said the new model will be sold in markets like California and Nevada.

The Pacifica will be available in two versions: the compact sedan and SUV.

The SUV will be offered in a choice of either a four-door, six-door or a seven-door trim.

The new model should be available later this year, the company said.

“Pacifica’s been a brand that we have been working with for some time,” said Robert J. Coughlin, Chrysler’s senior vice president of global brand marketing.

“We have been investing in the brand and developing a better-suited version of the Pacificas for the marketplace.”

Chrysler said that it will also add a new model, the Pacificat, to the lineup.

The company also said that the new Pacificat will be “delivering better value, while improving the efficiency and fuel efficiency of the vehicle,” as well as delivering “more spacious seating and more interior room for more occupants.”

Chrysler’s Pacificat is expected to start shipping this year.

It has the lowest price of any new vehicle Chrysler has produced since the Pacificax in 2006.

Chrysler will be the first major automaker to release the new models.