Schrivener Auto Parts Inc. is selling a new car part line for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the company said Tuesday.

The Steelers’ new $300 million facility is in the heart of downtown, a major development in a neighborhood that has long been plagued by crime.

The Pittsburgh Steelers opened the new facility in 2016.

The team had been in the process of moving to a new facility at the same time, and the company was in the midst of a major investment, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

The new facility is about a mile south of Heinz Field.

The new dealership will be located at 7400 S. Broad St., and it will include the first-ever auto part store, a service center, a retail store, and an outdoor seating area, the Post-Dispatch reported.

The store will be operated by Schrivers auto parts.

Schrivers Auto Parts said the company will provide service and maintenance services to the team.