What’s the difference between auto parts and archery gear?

We get that many people have bought bows and arrows from bow auto repair shops and archers use bows and arrow-related equipment in the past, but there’s a big difference in terms of what the product actually does and what the user experience is.

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The Auto Parts page on Amazon is full of reviews of bows and other archery equipment, but none of them offer an accurate description of how it’s made.

We asked Amazon’s assistant, Julie, to explain the differences in terms that we can understand.

She said she can only give you an idea of what it’s actually made of, but that there’s also a lot of information in the description and what you’re looking for in terms to what the arrows are made of.

“You can also find out how much the arrows weigh, the arrows can be made of various materials, and you can even see if it has an archery style, how much weight is it and how it looks,” Julie said.

She told us that if you’re shopping for an arrow-type item, you’ll also find arrows made of steel, which she explained is “extremely light, which makes it very strong and durable”.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to buy arrows that are made out of anything other than steel.

Julie also pointed out that some bows can be “machined” out of wood, which is not the same as being made out and manufactured from metal.

We’ve also asked Amazon for a list of the arrows that the company makes for archers, and Julie said she couldn’t provide it.

But she did provide us with a list that includes “classic arrows”, which are those made from “modern steel” and have a weight of between 100g and 100kg, and “piston-type arrows”, those made of “steel with a metal shaft” and are “light, durable and not too heavy”.

Julie also told us, “All the arrows we sell are 100% authentic, made to the highest standards of quality.”

We’re not completely sold yet, but we’ve reached out to Bow Auto parts for comment and will update if we hear back.

In the meantime, we’re going to keep checking Amazon’s website and using the search bar to find all the bows that Amazon sells for archery, so you can decide for yourself whether the price is worth it.