The auto parts industry has been booming in Canada, thanks in large part to a surge in demand from the United States and other major markets.

But for auto parts companies, Canada is not a great place to open a shop.

Auto parts orders are not readily available online and there are no online pickup options in the United Kingdom.

Auto Parts Canada’s president, Tim Dutton, said the biggest challenge for Canadian companies is to make sure they’re offering the best customer service.

“It is the biggest issue for us in Canada,” he said.

“In the United Sates, the same thing is going on with shipping, which is one of the big things that we’re trying to address.”

That’s why Dutton said the Canadian auto parts market is much more competitive.

“We’re in a position to compete on a global scale with the U.S., U.K. and Japan,” he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“I think we’re at the top of the food chain.”

Dutton added that there are now more than 800 auto parts distributors in Canada and that his organization has been able to get around some of the restrictions in the U, U.A.E., Europe and Australia that limited where companies could operate.

Dutton noted that there’s also been a “big growth in the number of auto parts sellers” in Canada.

But he acknowledged that the auto parts sector is in the early stages of growth, with a few companies still struggling to gain traction in Canada because of the high cost of raw materials and labour.

“There are still a lot of hurdles,” he noted.

“Even in Ontario, we’re still a small player.”

A year ago, when Dutton was the executive director of the Ontario Auto Parts Association, the province was still in the midst of a recession.

At the time, the Ontario government was looking to attract more businesses to the province.

“Ontario is a very good location for manufacturing, so we were hoping to attract a lot more manufacturers,” Dutton recalled.

But that hasn’t happened.

“With the current economic environment, it’s hard to attract manufacturers,” he added.

He added that while auto parts is growing in Ontario and the province is still one of Canada’s fastest growing regions, the industry still faces many challenges in getting new jobs.

“The labour cost is so high, and it’s very hard to get new workers into the industry,” he explained.

When you look in other parts of the world, they’re going up. In the U