– If you want to find out how to repair your car, the first step is to find a mechanic.

For many, that means finding a mechanic that specializes in auto parts.

But a new survey from the automotive industry’s trade group says that can be a challenge for people who don’t know where to start.

Auto Parts Magazine found that most auto parts shops have a limited range of parts to choose from.

“Many of these shops have very limited options and have to cater to a limited amount of customers,” said Chris D’Amico, director of research for the trade group.

“Many are small and are staffed by inexperienced mechanics who can’t handle the work.”

The study found that more than half of the auto parts outlets surveyed were unable to find enough parts for an average repair.

The problem isn’t just limited to parts.

The survey found that about 40% of auto parts stores said they could only handle a certain number of orders.

The lack of a specific limit has caused many to cut back on what they can sell, said D’Amanico.

More than half the stores surveyed also said they had a limited number of parts, and that has led to fewer customers getting their car parts.

Auto Parts Magazine spoke with more than 100 auto parts retailers, asking them about their customer base and their expectations for repairs.

When auto parts can’t be found, there are several options.

You can get parts from an online store, which usually has fewer parts and prices higher.

You can go to a dealership, which can have a wider selection of parts.

It also has to offer a more efficient repair process, but that takes time and effort, said Jeff Biesecker, the vice president of operations at Auto Parts Mag.

Or you can go online.

It’s not the only option.

There are other options to repair a vehicle that are available online, but the most cost-effective way to get parts is through the auto dealer, said Biessecker.

And then there are other online repair sites.

One popular site is

It has thousands of parts that can easily be found online, said Dan Karpinski, the company’s founder.

It’s also a free service, meaning you can take the time to do your research before signing up.

Karpinsky said the website has helped more than a million people get parts.

Karpinski said Auto Parts Auto Parts in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., offers a service called the Karpkit service.

The Karp kit is an online service that offers parts at a lower cost.

It doesn’t offer a direct connection to a dealer, but you can call up a local dealer to have the parts repaired, said Karpinskis, who said it’s free.

I have found it really helpful for me, said Mark Bowers, who bought a 1997 Chevy Impala and a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee after a major crash.

We bought the Impala, he said.

And I was trying to fix a couple of things, and I got a little stuck and had to wait.

I was having trouble getting the doors to open.

So I went to Auto Parts and got some of the parts.

Then I got the Jeep.

And it was just amazing.

It just got better and better.

Bowers said it made his life easier because he was able to find parts at the same time.

A car shop owner in Fort Pierce, Fla, says that he and his wife often get frustrated when they don’t find parts for their vehicles.

The problem is that the repair shop they are at isn’t able to meet the needs of the customers they work with.

So I call Auto Parts.

They can actually find parts, said Steve Davis, owner of a Fort Pierce car shop.

I have been able to get all of the pieces that I need.

He said that the Auto Parts shop in his shop has been very helpful.

But he has also had to adjust his repair shop schedule and the car he sells now has a different model than he had when he bought it.

He also has a few other issues.

He said that his shop is in a building that is owned by another company.

So they don�t have the full range of options for repair, he added.

That means he has to get the parts at different places, Davis said.

So it’s not an easy task for him.

But Auto Parts, he says, is doing its best to help him.

He’s also been getting a lot of compliments.

He�s happy with the quality of the work and his satisfaction with the parts he has received.