This is the first time anyone has made an electric vehicle with a full computer inside.

And it’s the first to have a lithium-ion battery inside.

But this was made with a MacBook Pro and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060M.

Read more: Apple is offering a $1,000 MacBook Pro laptop with a lithium ion battery and a Macbook Air as a reward for helping make the electric car, which it is calling the Tesla Model S, with a computer.

Tesla has a $5,000 reward for its first electric car.

The company also is offering $1 million to anyone who can make an EV with a fully integrated computer inside and a laptop computer and software suite.

This is a big deal for Tesla because a full-computer-on-a-laptop would be one of the first commercial electric vehicles to be made with software that can run in a full operating environment, unlike a laptop with Windows 8.1 running as a standalone operating system.

Tesla is offering this reward in conjunction with the $1 billion federal loan guarantee program for electric vehicle startups.

Tesla will give $1.5 million to the program, and the company will provide $1 per car, the company said in a statement.

It’s the second time in a few months that Tesla has offered an electric model to the government with a hardware-equipped car.

Last year, it offered a $7,500 Tesla Model X with a $60,000 federal loan program.

The government gave the car to the California-based company in September and has been leasing the vehicle for months.

The Model S is Tesla’s first fully-integrated vehicle, according to the company.

That means the battery is in the car and the software is running inside, and all the computing and hardware are plugged into the car.

Tesla says the car will be able to run the Tesla software suite, which includes a Tesla Maps app and Tesla Autopilot, without having to go to a dealership or use an expensive computer.

But if you want to have the car do some of the tasks of a fully-loaded laptop, Tesla will offer to help you.

The car will provide software that lets you customize the interior and the exterior of the car, it says.

You can customize the color, the back color, etc. To get the car running, you’ll need to take the laptop to the Tesla factory, where Tesla will install a fully charged lithium-polymer battery.

That will allow the battery to be charged overnight, and then it will be ready to go when the battery gets low.

That battery can then be charged in about two days.

The battery can be charged with electricity generated by the sun or other solar panels, which means it can run the software suite with a very low level of power, Tesla says.

Tesla also is working on a battery that can last for at least three years, according the company’s website.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in an interview last year that he thought it would take about three years for the electric vehicle to be available to consumers.

Tesla said last week that the first cars in the U.S. are due in 2021.

Tesla says that it has plans to build a car factory in Michigan and in California.

Tesla expects to be able start selling cars in 2021, but it doesn’t provide an exact date.