The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster opened its first auto parts store in Nashville this weekend.

The new shop, which is located at 1601 N. Fourth St., will open as early as Saturday, and it will be located at the intersection of Fourth and Seventh streets.

The shop will also be able to accommodate the Church’s auto body shop, auto parts department and auto parts service center, which will be open on Saturdays.

The auto parts operation is a direct result of the Church and its members, who have created a strong presence in the Nashville auto market over the past few years.

“We’re just a local, family-owned auto parts company,” said Rob Stowe, executive vice president of sales for the church.

“The community in Nashville has always been very supportive of our auto business and they really appreciate it.”

Stowe said the auto parts business will be the church’s “primary focus,” and he is excited to see it thrive in a community that has always supported and welcomed new businesses.

The church’s auto part business, Stowe added, “is the only place in the nation that has a local car dealership, and we’re happy to be able join forces with the local auto dealership.”

For the past year, Stow and his team at the auto part shop have been working to transform the business, which was created in 2006.

The store will be a retail store, and its main focus will be on auto parts.

The company also has plans to expand the auto body business.

“This is a really great opportunity for us,” Stowe explained.

“It gives us a lot of room to grow.”

The auto part store, which opened last month, will be operated by the Church of St. Mark and the Virgin Mary of Nazareth, and will have three different floors, Stowell said.

Each floor will be able access the entire parking lot and parking garage.

The first floor will have the shop’s automotive service center; the second floor will contain the auto service center and the auto shop’s auto and automotive parts department; and the third floor will hold the auto and auto body parts service.

“When we look at the automotive space in Nashville, we see that it’s one of the few places in the country that has two-lane roadways,” Stowell explained.

The Church has invested in its auto parts space in order to offer its members a place to shop, and the shop is also working with other auto parts companies in the area.

Stowe was very excited to have the auto repair shop in Nashville.

“If you look at how our business is growing and how the auto industry is going, we feel like this is a great opportunity,” he said.

Stowell added that the auto services department is the largest and most diverse in Nashville and that it is a place where he and his business partners are able to “create a strong network and a great network of partners to support our business.”

The church plans to have a variety of auto parts for sale throughout the store, including “all types of things,” such as “fiberglass, fiberglass body panels, glass, aluminum body panels,” Stow said.

The car parts store is the first auto part dealership in Nashville to be open for business, but Stowe says that other auto repair shops will be opening in the coming months.

The location will also offer car parts for hire, and Stowe is excited about the opportunity to bring auto parts to Nashville’s downtown area.

“There’s so many places downtown that have a garage for cars,” Stote said.

“In Nashville, there’s a lot more space and a lot less parking for cars than anywhere else in the state.”

The new auto parts outlet will be one of four new auto shops in Nashville during the next two months, Stote noted.

“I really like the Nashville market,” Stawe said.