Auto parts makers have been increasingly buying India since the country opened up to international trade last year.

Here’s how to buy them.

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The Indian auto sector has been growing steadily over the last few years, thanks to the introduction of cheap Chinese imports, particularly in the auto parts sector.

Now the government wants to encourage manufacturers to source from India for their auto parts.

The government recently extended the importation ban to the auto-parts sector, allowing imports to resume for three months.

India is the third largest producer of automotive parts after China and China.

It has a growing auto industry, and now wants to attract more foreign manufacturers to set up shop.

The government wants the Indian auto industry to diversify its supply chain and to diversified its products, says Dr. Deepak Sharma, chief executive officer of auto products city, Tata Motors India.

Sharma says that Indian manufacturers are looking for more diverse products from around the world.

For example, they are looking at Japanese brands and Chinese brands.

He says India is not a country that has a huge quantity of vehicles and parts in the manufacturing sector.

But there are many Indian companies that are doing well in the supply chain, he says.

Sharma adds that India has a relatively low cost of manufacturing, with the country exporting just a third of its total output.

So it is possible that some of these Indian companies will eventually be able to earn money by exporting to China and elsewhere.

Sharma says Tata Motors has been in talks with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry about getting its auto parts into the country.