The auto industry is looking to ditch its most commonly used parts, and it’s not going to be easy.

Automakers are looking to get rid of parts like airbags, exhaust systems, steering wheel locks and even the battery tray.

The latest example is the new electric car, the Tesla Model S, which will use a battery pack made by Panasonic, a company that has previously been accused of producing counterfeit batteries.

It’s part of a broader push by automakers to eliminate parts that have become known as the “laboratories of death.”

Tesla and Panasonic have already announced plans to end their manufacturing relationship, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Panasonic will sell the batteries it produces and make them in its facilities in Mexico.

But Tesla says it will continue manufacturing parts in the U.S.

A separate decision by Tesla to remove battery components from the Model S is also expected to result in lower production volumes for the Model 3.

The automaker plans to build the car in Nevada and sell it in California.