The brand was once a beloved part of B&P’s lineup, and the brand is once again making its way into a new generation of automobiles. 

The company announced Tuesday it has been acquired by a consortium led by General Motors. 

In addition to its auto-parts business, the deal will allow B&Q to expand its car brand to include automotive accessories, paint and other car-related products. 

As part of the deal, B&Qua is acquiring its automotive-repair business. 

B&Q was once known as B&M and was acquired by General Electric in 2001. 

General Motors announced in 2015 that it was merging with B&QUA to form B&C. 

This deal is the first step toward B&qua’s goal of becoming a fully integrated auto brand that includes automotive accessories and vehicle-related services. 

GM has been aggressively expanding into new markets and building a global presence, with the acquisition of the B&K Motors division and the sale of General Motors and its luxury brands. 

It is also buying back a large amount of its automotive assets, including the Buick dealership and the Cadillac brand. 

A B&N spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A source told The Associated Press the BQ purchase is expected to close by the end of the year. 

BMW will continue to operate its dealership in Georgetown, Maryland, with a new dealership in Arlington, Virginia, slated to open this spring. 

“BMW continues to lead the industry in design, engineering, technology, and manufacturing, and continues to build on our brand’s global presence through B&O Automotive’s strategic investments in the automotive and automotive accessories business,” said David Hays, president of BK Automotive in a statement. 

Last year, BQ and General Motors announced the creation of the BMW Automotive Group, which includes B&B, BK and BQ. 

Under the deal with General Motors, the two companies will also merge their automotive operations and create the BK Advanced Vehicle Solutions business.

B&K will also be renamed the B.K. Auto Group, and B&H Automotive will become B&G Automotive.GM will continue its automotive manufacturing operations in Louisville, Kentucky.GM said it will invest $2.4 billion to expand and modernize its GM division.

The company will also create a new business called GM Automotive to bring the company’s high-quality automotive technology and engineering to new markets.GM has made significant investments in research and development, and in recent years it has also been working on a self-driving car program that it hopes to complete by 2020.

The deal with BQ is not expected to include a significant cost savings for GM, the company said in a press release. 

GTM said it is not announcing any additional financial terms.

The purchase of BQ marks a strategic shift for B&A.GM and BK have been working together to expand the brand’s reach and reach into more markets.

The two companies have been buying back lots of parts in recent months and are working on new vehicles. 

After a long hiatus, B.Q. is once more coming back to life with a fresh new look and feel.BQ is expected back in stores in the fall.