How to buy a new car or a used one.

Here are some suggestions for best auto deals for a single purchase.


Ford Focus ST, $1.2 million – For the price of a new Focus ST you can have a brand new Ford Focus with the best quality of its class.

This is the most expensive of the new Focus, and you won’t be able to beat it for fuel economy.

The engine will be about 5 MPG more than a base Focus, but its fuel economy is also nearly as good.


Hyundai Genesis, $939,000 – Hyundai is going to have to spend some money on the Genesis, but it’s one of the best-kept secrets in this market.

Its styling is the best in the class, and its handling and ride quality are second to none.


Subaru BRZ, $839,999 – Subaru’s BRZ is the only car with a manual transmission, so it offers a lot of performance and refinement.

But it has only 1,200 miles on it, and it will cost you a lot more than you’d think.


Volkswagen Jetta, $5,839.99 – This car has the cheapest price of the three cars.

The car has been redesigned to make it more efficient, but the suspension and brakes are still good.

It has an EPA-rated range of about 23 miles.


Ford Expedition, $4,999,995 – This is one of a kind, because this is the cheapest car to buy with a new Ford Expedition.

This one gets more than 10,000 miles on a single charge, and the best driving position is the front passenger seat.


Ford Escape, $2,049,995- This is a budget car, and if you want a car that’s good for a good price, this is it.

This Ford Escape has an excellent safety package and good performance.


GMC Acadia, $995,000- This car was a winner when it was redesigned, but now GMC is going for a more modern look with a more luxurious interior.


Nissan Versa, $7,499,995 (2,950-mile) – If you’re looking for a small SUV that has the best interior in the market, this will be it.

Its exterior is better than the Lexus ES, and there’s no question that this is a car you can live without.


Ford Edge, $3,999-4,299,999 (1,800-mile range) – The Edge is the ultimate small car, with a big trunk and a lot going for it.

It will get you a good mileage and is equipped with an awesome engine.


Nissan Rogue, $6,699,995, $14,995 for 1,600 miles (2.5-liter, 2-speed) – Nissan’s newest SUV has a lot to offer.

It’s a bit smaller than the Ford Expedition and the Edge, but that makes it more affordable.


Subaru Legacy, $13,599,995* – The Legacy is one to look at.

This car is a bit overkill for its price, but you can’t go wrong with it. 12.

Volkswagen Passat, $18,599-24,999* – VW is going back to the basics with the Passat.

This new model has an incredible interior and will give you a decent performance.

It is also equipped with a 1.6L turbocharged four-cylinder engine.