KONAMI, Japan — “I thought it was really nice to replace my old Fusion,” said Jason Johnson, a 27-year-old truck driver.

“It’s the same engine, same gas mileage, same fuel economy.

It’s just a little bit better, and now it’s not a problem.”

Johnson was driving his old Toyota Supras back to work after being out of work for six weeks with a back injury.

He bought a used Ford Fusion that he had been driving for a few years, and bought an old Toyota Highlander.

He’s now ready to drive it for the first time in nearly a year, because he says the Fusion is far better than the old one he drove just a few months ago.

The Fusion has a new 5.5-liter turbocharged V-6, and it’s also a big step up from the Fusion’s 3.6-liter V-8.

The Fusion has much more torque, and is much quieter, too.

Johnson also feels the Fusion feels a little faster.

“It’s not as quiet as the Fusion,” he said.

“But it’s a lot smoother, too.”

The Fusion is more efficient, too, which is important because it’s getting less fuel economy in the new model.

Toyota said it will be offering the new Fusion with a hybrid system to increase the fuel economy to 20 mpg city and 40 mpg highway.

It also has an electric motor, which Toyota said can save about $10,000 over the current Fusion.

The battery is a mix of lithium ion and lead acid.

Johnson said he’s not yet sure how much he’s saving, but he thinks it’s worth it.

“I think the battery is going to save me $10k over the Fusion, and then the battery pack alone is going be $20k,” he told FoxNews.com.

“That’s $10-20k in savings that I can reinvest back into the car.”

He’s not the only one who thinks Toyota’s Fusion is better than it was before.

“The Fusion’s fuel economy is actually the best in the segment,” said Robert B. Jones, director of research and analysis for the Automotive News Institute.

“There are other cars out there that are getting better and better and have better fuel economy.”

Jones says the Toyota Fusion will be the best value for money, too — but only if you don’t need the extra miles.

“If you want to get a Toyota Highlander, the Fusion isn’t the best,” he explained.

“You have to be willing to pay a little more.”

Johnson’s Fusion has an automatic transmission, but the Fusion does not have a manual transmission.

It has a power-adjustable steering wheel, and the front and rear wheels can be turned to control the car.

He also added, though, that he’d like to see Toyota provide an automatic manual transmission in the future.

“You’d need a lot more people to take that and put it in the Fusion and the Fusion will do just fine,” he added.

“Because of its torque, it’s going to be better than a manual car.

It just seems like a good thing to do.”

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