The UK’s biggest auto parts chain has launched an online shopping platform that allows customers to order a vehicle directly from the company’s headquarters in Coventry.

The Coventry-based auto parts firm Tiger AutoParts, which was established in 2001, said the website would be used to help shoppers “reduce the friction and frustration associated with ordering and delivering a vehicle”.

The site will launch on Monday and will allow customers to buy a car, van, SUV, light truck, boat or truck.

Its website will be the first to offer “a complete range of vehicle accessories and services”, according to the company.

It will also include information on how to get the car repaired, with detailed plans for the process.

Tiger AutoParts is one of the UK’s most prominent suppliers of automotive parts and services to the public.

It operates a network of dealers across the UK, as well as in the European Union and the US.

The Covent-based company’s website says it has over 15,000 employees and that the company was founded in 2001 and has a turnover of £3.4 billion ($5.5bn).

It is one the largest suppliers of auto parts in the UK and its UK operations are responsible for a large number of the company´s vehicle parts, including vehicles such as cars, vans, buses and taxis.

Tigers cars are seen at the company headquarters in Cwmbran in Covent.

A spokeswoman said the company would “continue to expand its reach through the internet and will soon be launching its first new automotive parts website”.

“With Tiger’s expertise in manufacturing vehicles and accessories for a broad range of markets, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of products and services for a wide range of customers,” she added.

Tiger is a joint venture between Tiger Cars and Tiger Automotive.