Auto parts giant Holland Auto parts wants to take a stake in Aa auto parts after a deal fell through with the two companies.

The two companies were working together on a bid to buy a stake of their own in Aas subsidiary, Auto A, which will focus on servicing and selling parts for the brands Volvo and Bentley.

Holland wanted to buy the shares in the company and sell them for €1 billion ($1.3 billion), according to the Financial Times.

Aas chairman Peter Gartner said the company was ready to work with the company on its purchase.

Hollands share price had dropped nearly 20 percent in the past two days following the deal falling through.

H&M, the US footwear retailer, and Gap, a fashion clothing chain, are also reportedly in the running to buy up the stakes in AAs share.

Aa auto part is the largest private company in the world, according to Forbes, and employs more than 8,000 people.