The biggest reason why Ford is selling more older models is because of its higher quality.

Ford’s biggest problem with its older vehicles is that they’re too expensive for the market, so the company decided to sell them less aggressively to try and get the money they need to compete with Toyota and Hyundai.

That strategy paid off with Ford selling its old-generation F-150 pickup truck, Lincoln Town Car, Lincoln MKZ, and Lincoln Navigator on the cheap, making it cheaper for people to buy a new car than buying an older model.

Ford also sells its popular Fusion Hybrid and Focus electric vehicles.

While its vehicles have proven to be popular among the younger demographic, they’ve struggled with fuel efficiency and reliability problems.

Ford is also making a concerted effort to reduce its investments in its older model lines.

In the past year, Ford has reduced the number of vehicles in its lineup by 15 percent and has slashed prices.

In January, Ford announced that it would end the leasing program for its Expedition, Escape, and XC hybrid vehicles, which had a combined value of $3.4 billion in 2015.

The company has also increased its investment in new electrified vehicles by 30 percent.

Ford will also continue to invest in its electric lineup, but the company plans to cut spending on electrified models by 15 to 20 percent next year.

The move comes after Ford announced plans in June to buy GM for $7.7 billion.

Ford hopes that buying a major automaker like GM will help it expand into the automotive industry in a big way.