(CBS Detroit) — Gerber has decided to end its Junkard auto components checker program.

Junkard is one of the oldest and largest automotive parts makers in the world, producing everything from doors to bumpers and the Junker is one the oldest known parts maker.

The Junker, which started life in Germany in the mid 1800s, is one part that is still produced in the U.S.

The company’s website is no longer active.

It is unclear why.

But Gerber told the Detroit News it is being phased out in favor of the newer and more efficient Junker.

It’s a move that’s been in the works for several years, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The Junker was developed by Junker Automotive, a subsidiary of Junker AG, and it’s currently one of just a few manufacturers in the United States to have an auto parts checker that is designed to automatically check the condition of an item in the field, according the Free Press article.

The process was created after a 2004 study by a group of American researchers found that auto parts dealers often used improper checkers, and that a good checker would give an item an accurate reading.

Gerber was also involved in the development of a program to help dealers verify the authenticity of parts, but it didn’t last long.

Gerber stopped doing it in 2010, according a company statement.

The program is currently being phased-out, said Gerber spokesman Tom Suggs.

He said the company is working on a replacement system that will allow dealers to check items that were sold before the program ended.

Suggs said the Junkards checks will continue to be done on the spot.

He said the auto parts program was a vital part of Gerber’s success.

It allowed the company to grow, grow to become a $10 billion company and was instrumental in its transformation from a small car parts maker to one of America’s biggest car brands.

“It was a huge source of income for the company and I think the program was an important part of that growth,” he said.