Auto parts hanger in Houston, TX, says ‘No I can�t get pregnant!’ article Auto Parts shop in Houston says ‘no, I cannot get pregnant.’ article Auto part store in Houston is ‘no-go’ for pregnant women.The store�s owner, Mike Hensley, said he is no longer allowed to serve women who want to get pregnant at his store, which specializes in auto parts.�The only reason I can sell condoms is to get my business,� Hensleys mother, Carol, told NBC affiliate KPRC.�If I�m selling condoms, I have to get rid of the product,� she said.

Carol said she also wants to keep her daughter and granddaughter out of the store because of the risk of getting pregnant.

Hensley said the decision was made after he noticed a change in customers.�A few weeks ago, we�ve been getting a lot of new customers,� he said.�They�re looking for information and want to help.

I told them,�he added.�I would�ve just told them to go home and take care of their business.

But the kids are so young and there�s so much else to do.�Hensleys mom said her family has been trying to keep the business open.