You can’t ask her to do anything.” “

She doesn’t even ask you to share a bathroom.

You can’t ask her to do anything.” 

“You’re not in a relationship with her.

You’re in a place where she’s not your boyfriend, she’s her girlfriend, she might be your friend, she can go get her nails done,” says the mother of one woman who says she was duped into buying auto parts from a saleswoman in a Los Angeles suburb.

The woman, who asked not to be named out of fear for her safety, said she was approached by the saleswoman and told that the parts would help her get rid of her old Honda Accord.

The woman said the salesman, who is still employed by the auto parts company, was a former employee.

The dealership said it did not recall the salesperson, but it was aware of the problem.

A spokeswoman for AutoNation said the company did not know of the issue.

The company has also recalled an estimated 20 million auto parts sold since 2009.

“It’s a pretty shocking amount of recalls,” said Jennifer Lapp, director of consumer research for the advocacy group Consumer Watchdog.

“It’s an industry where people are being exploited.

The industry has been around for decades.

It’s just shocking.””

These kinds of issues have nothing to do with the auto industry,” she added.”

You have a company that is really good at selling you auto parts.

You have a lot of bad actors out there, and it’s really sad.”

The women spoke to MTV News on the condition of anonymity, fearing they would be harassed and their reputations hurt.

The women said they decided to talk to MTV because they have been harassed in the past by salespeople who used deceptive tactics to convince them to buy parts.

“I’ve seen some pretty shady salespeople,” said the mother, who bought a new car last year.

“I was scared, but I wanted to make sure this is not the case.

I’m a parent and I have a baby and I wanted it to be OK.”

The saleswoman, who sells AutoNation parts online, says she has worked for the company for years and has no ties to any auto parts manufacturer.

“This company is the best thing for your car,” she said.

“They know exactly what’s going on with the vehicle and what’s needed.”

A spokesman for Auto Nation said that the company has “a zero-tolerance policy for deceptive advertising and has taken corrective action” in the cases highlighted by the women.

“AutoNation does not recall, nor will it sell, any AutoNation products, vehicles or parts,” the company said in a statement.

“We work closely with the dealership to ensure the safety of our customers and their vehicles.”