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Diesel Car Characteristics

Diesel Car Characteristics

Green environmental protection, when the emphasis on low-pollution and clean energy diesel vehicles is on the rise, oil prices are also rising, so the number of people buying diesel vehicles is increasing. At present, there are only two automobile factories in Ford Liuhe and Sanyang Industrial, and the technology mother factory is introduced to develop mass production and sales of cars or sports recreational vehicles equipped with diesel engines.

But when you start driving a diesel car, you have to re-adapt to the characteristics of the engine. As soon as the gasoline engine stepped on the throttle engine speed, it quickly climbed up. The speed of the diesel engine car increased slowly, instead, it was the emergence of acceleration power. The reason why the engine speed is relatively slow when the diesel vehicle is accelerating is that on the one hand, the physical phenomenon under the long stroke, on the other hand, the ignition method is different, because the stroke of the piston up and down is relatively long, and the spark can not be changed without the spark plug. The so-called ignition timing, so the reaction of the speed is different from that of a gasoline vehicle.

The amazing torque output of diesel vehicles is the essence of diesel engines. The turbochargers commonly used in diesel engine systems use the principle of forced air intake to enhance the thrust output of the engine. Diesel cylinders have a long stroke. The vacuum is used to fill the cylinders with the vacuum suction generated by the engine. It is difficult to maximize explosion efficiency. The turbocharged boost allows the diesel engine to generate more thrust.

When diesel vehicles were first launched, most consumers were uncomfortable with the engine noise of diesel vehicles, mainly because diesel itself was ignited by engine compression, which was quite different from gasoline engine ignition by spark plugs. However, the noise generated by diesel engines has recently been overcome by car manufacturers. By improving the sound insulation technology of the car body, the noise of the diesel car is much less than that of the past even if it is idling.

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