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The Importance Of Car Four-Wheel Alignment

The Importance Of Car Four-Wheel Alignment

The Car four-wheel alignment angle is the relative angle between the suspension system and each movable machine. The main positioning angles of the car suspension system include Camber, Castor, Toe, and Inclination. (KPI), Toe-out on Turn, etc. Maintaining the correct four-wheel alignment angle ensures the vehicle’s straightness and maneuverability, improves the steering performance of the vehicle, and ensures the resilience of the steering system, avoiding damage and loss of precision due to improper bearing force. It also ensures that the tires are tightly joined to the ground, reducing the tire’s improper and uneven wear and ensuring stability during cornering.

A Car Wheel alignment usually is done in the following cases:

  • Replace new tires or repair after a collision.

  • Before and after unilateral partial tire wear.

  • The steering wheel too heavy to float or shake while driving.

  • Car to the left or to the right side when straight.

Although no more status, However, for maintenance purposes, it is recommended to be half a year or 10,000 kilometers.

The advantages of car four-wheel positioning are:

  • Enhance driving comfort;

  • Reduce gasoline consumption.

  • Increase tire service life.

  • Enhance vehicle straight-through stability.

  • Reduce wear of chassis suspension accessories.

  • Enhance driving safety.

With the evolution of the suspension system, the most basic wheat flower, tow arm, double A-arm, to three-link, four-link, five-link, composite link; the more links, the more complex the structure, the relative The requirement for the four-wheel alignment angle is higher, so there will be a four-wheel positioning instrument designated by a certain type of vehicle.

The four-wheel positioning instrument is not used to adjust and change the positioning angle. He is only used to measure the position angle for the technician to refer to. The angle measured by the technician is compared with the angle determined by the original factory. If the design exceeds the design tolerance, some parts are adjusted or replaced to restore the original design angle. Therefore, when you choose a four-wheeled store, you must remember that the advantages and disadvantages of positioning the instrument are important, but the person who adjusts the positioning angle is more important. The technician with both experience and technology is the best choice with advanced instruments.

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